The turkey has been eaten and the weather is getting cold. We are on the home-stretch to Christmas and New Year’s Day. Tradition in my home is that the Christmas decoration go up on the day after Thanksgiving. Going through all of the ornaments that have been passed down from generation to generation and the

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday with the loved ones.  I was lucky enough to have my daughter able to come home from college for the weekend.

On our fourth day of out vacation, we planned what we called a “chill day”. We decided that we would not visit any of the theme parks and just take it easy for the day and do some light shopping. We started out the day by sleeping in a little bit (no 6am wake up!!!).

So after having a pretty good first day in the parks, we settled in for a good night’s sleep. Which we did. We woke up on Thursday, ready to hit the parks running. We started out by going to the Endless Summer – Surfside cafeteria, Beach Break Cafe, and ordering breakfast. It was a beautiful

woman in white top and denim jeans sitting on red luggage bag

For the first time in the fifteen years that my family has been vacationing in Florida, we are not going to Disney World or any of their Central Florida attractions. Due to the price increases and the disappearing perks that have been happening at the House of Mouse, Disney has become too expensive for my

yellow school bus on route against historic building

We have all heard the saying “Time Flies”. When we are younger, it really doesn’t mean much. As I have grown older, that phrase has become more true than I have ever wanted it to be. I am the proud Father of two wonderful daughters. Throughout the years I have watched them grow into the