Woodworking enthusiasts and artisans alike know the joy and satisfaction that comes from creating beautiful, personalized signs. Among the various techniques available, carving signs with a router has gained immense popularity due to its versatility and precision. If you’re eager to explore this art form and create stunning signs that showcase your craftsmanship, read on

Mistakes can happen in woodworking for various reasons, and they are a common part of the learning process. Here are some reasons why mistakes can occur: Remember, mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow as a woodworker. They can provide valuable lessons and insights that help improve your craftsmanship in the future.

My first project done in the new workshop is finally completed. A small TV Table that was built out of extra and scrap 2x4s took me about a week to completely finish and, I think, it came out pretty good. Click Here to see the post of when I started this project. As I have

Now that the workshop has been completed, I’ve decided to start building some items for around the house. The first small item that I built was using some leftover 1/2″ luan plywood and some scrap 1X2’s to build a small wall hanging that we will be using in our kitchen to hand our oven mitts

It took about 10 hours to build out of 2×4’s and 2×6’s… but it looks really good!

Below are some of the images taken during our current basement renovation. It definitely has been a learning experience. I have had to recall my high school geometry from almost 35 years ago! As I showed in my previous post, there was going to be a lot of work to do. The wall is now