Rhode Island… The Construction State
Ahhh… The warm sunshine, the gentle breezes, the traffic? Yup, it is Summertime in Rhode Island and that can mean only one thing. No, not the sound of the crashing waves in Misquamicut. Not the screech of a seagull looking for the last crumb of your clam cake in Narragansett. Not even the smooth soft
$85 for 5 people to ride 1 ride!!! Disney, you are ridiculous! And the person that bought this… You are INSANE!!!
Is Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Worth It?
Is Disney Vacation Club (DVC) worth the cost? Well I consider myself well versed at traveling amongst the Disney World Parks and Resorts.  I have been booking trips for myself, my wife and my two daughters since they were toddlers.  We have been to the parks almost every years since 2005. We have stayed in
Disney Fireworks Return
Disney has announced that beginning July 1, 2021 both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California will resume nightly firework shows. Disney World will resume with shows in Magic Kingdom and Epcot.
How Not to Forget Something on your Trip
You have to admit that planning a trip to Disney can be quite overwhelming, and if you have small children, it can also be next to impossible.  When I took my wife and my pups to Disney for the first time, they were 2 and 4 years old.  For my wife and I to remember
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The Drywall is Up, Mudded, Taped, Primed and Painted!
The Wall Is Up!!!
Let the Destruction Begin…
black claw hammer on brown wooden plank


Happy Easter Everyone
Friday, February 25, 2022 – A No Park Day
Thursday, February 24, 2022 – Our Second Day in the Parks


NESN Offers New Broadcast Options… But Are They Worth it?
STREAMING NESN… NESN 360 The time that Cord Cutters in New England have been waiting on for years. NESN, New England Sports Network which broadcasts the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins is now offering a membership based streaming platform. For many years now, New England sports fans have not been able to stream Red
ATSC 3.0 Update
What is ATSC 3.0 and How Will it Change TV.
What is ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV and How Will it Change the Way We Watch Over-the-air Television. Over the air television as you know it is about to change, but how? 4K, on demand, subscription services… Let’s see what the future may hold.
CHEAP TECH – Polaroid Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
Technology is expensive today, there is no getting around it. But there are alternatives, Cheap Technology. But is cheap technology even worth it? That is what we will find out. This post we will talk about Polaroid Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. No, these are not Beats or Bose Headphones, but they are almost $200 cheaper. We
Unboxing/Setup – Nvidia Shield TV Pro
Unboxing/Setup – Nvidia Shield TV Pro The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a versitile little machine for streaming television, gaming and apps. Lets go step by step setting up this little powerhouse #NvidiaShield #Streaming #CuttingtheCord