Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my Blog. This blog is about, well, everything. Whether it is vacationing with my family, something interesting that I want to share with you about my work or if it is a new piece of tech that I purchased, it will be here.


Well, I am a native Rhode Islander, no, Rhode Island is not part of New York, that’s Long Island you dolt, we are the smallest state in the Union… And proud of it.

I have been married for twenty years and have two beautiful daughters who keep me on my toes at all times. My wife is my best friend and a wonderful mother to my daughters (although they do not realize it, but what teenagers do.)

I am a professional Web Designer and have been for over twenty years, I love anything that has to do with technology… Cameras, computers, etc. I am also an amateur (very amateur) Artist. I like to paint using oils and acrylics on canvas. I also love to travel and I love visiting Disney World in Orlando, FL. My family and I have been visiting almost annually of thirteen years now.

Well, that is who I am. I hope that you find the content of this Blog interesting. If you do, please do not hesitate contacting me and letting me know.


Should You Visit Disney World in April 2023?
Written by: Mark Plante Published On: February 15, 2023
April 2023 will mark the end of the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Magic Kingdom. With the end of the 50th Anniversary Celebration will bring the end of…
Is Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Worth It?
Written by: Mark Plante Published On: June 17, 2021
Is Disney Vacation Club (DVC) worth the cost? Well I consider myself well versed at traveling amongst the Disney World Parks and Resorts.  I have…
Disney Fireworks Return
Written by: Mark Plante Published On: June 15, 2021
Disney has announced that beginning July 1, 2021 both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California will resume nightly firework shows. Disney World will…
How Not to Forget Something on your Trip
Written by: Mark Plante Published On:
You have to admit that planning a trip to Disney can be quite overwhelming, and if you have small children, it can also be next…
woman in white top and denim jeans sitting on red luggage bag
Tips for First-time Disney World Visitors: Arriving in Orlando
Written by: Mark Plante Published On: June 14, 2021
OK, your plane has now landed (I am assuming at Orlando International Airport), so what do you do next?  One tip is to find the…


Black Friday Shopping… Some love it, some despise it. Whatever your feelings are, is it really something to even take notice of anymore? What is Black Friday It is rumored that the first time that the term “Black Friday” was used was in the city of Philadelphia in the 1960’s. It is said that the…
grayscale photo of people at market
Meguiar’s Ultimate Bucket Kit and Rigid 14 gal. Car Care Shop Vacuum Review Let’s see how the Rigid 14 gal Shop Vac with Car Kit works on my 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5. Today is her 6th birthday with me and I am going to treat her to a wash and wax with Meguiar’s car care…