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Autumn in New England is a magical time of year. The leaves change color, the air gets crisp, and the pumpkin spice flows like water. But let’s be real, the real star of the show is the fall foliage. It’s like Mother Nature took a paintbrush and went to town on the trees. And what

The weather in Rhode Island has been quite unpredictable lately, with sudden changes in temperature, precipitation and wind. In this blog post, I will share some of the highlights and challenges of the recent weather patterns, as well as some tips on how to cope with them. One of the most notable events was the

Goodbye, Summer. You came through this area quite quickly with a warm days and humid nights. I can’t believe you’ve already left. As the daytime temperatures are starting to decrease in thoughts of winter soon start entering our heads we will miss you. We cannot wait to see you again and cannot wait to get

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Strong line of thunderstorms are heading into my area. Looks like it is going to be loud and wet for the next couple of hours.