Building a Small Table

Published: July 27, 2022

Now that the workshop has been completed, I’ve decided to start building some items for around the house. The first small item that I built was using some leftover 1/2″ luan plywood and some scrap 1X2’s to build a small wall hanging that we will be using in our kitchen to hand our oven mitts on. I did the carving free-hand on my Ryobi band saw and glued the rest of the scraps to make a frame. Using some extra stain and polyurethane, I finished the item and it is now mounted on my kitchen cabinets.

This was a fun small project to start with and came out pretty well for the first woodworking project that I have ever done.

Moose Frame created out of scrap pine.

I am now building a small table that will sit under my wall-mounted TV. The table will be 36″ wide, 20″ deep and 18″ tall.

This project is going to be built using extra 2X4s left over from my workbench build. I will be milling the boards with my table saw to get the proper dimensions for what I need. So far I have already roughly constructed the base for the table by ripping the 2×4’s int 2×2’s and cutting and fastening them together.

I am currently in the process of gluing the table-top together to make a solid surface of 36×20 which, when finishing will be mounted on the base described above.

I used 2x4x8’s which I cut down to 36″ in length. I then took each board and trimmed the rounded edge off of both sides so that I would have a flat surface that would be suitable for gluing together to create a flat, somewhat butcher board surface.

At this point of the build, the top has been glued, clamped together and drying. Once this piece dries I will need to put a chamfer on the edges and sand to a smooth surface.

Glued and waiting to dry table top.

So far, this project has been fun and I am using waaaaay more math than I had in the past ten years. Thank God I payed attention to learning fractions way back in 8th grade… It has all come back to me this week and has been very helpful.