2023 Super Bowl Ads… Meh

Published: February 13, 2023

Maybe it’s me, but what happened to the iconic Super Bowl commercials? In the past, the commercials during the big game were, a lot of times, more interesting than the game itself.

The commercials had become so popular that there were TV shows that counted down the top 10 commercials for the game of all time.

This year, the commercials were Meh, at best. They were very ordinary and did not possess the WOW factor of something that was well planned out. Cost may be the biggest reason with a 30 second spot during this years game going for $7 million.

There were a few that had potential. The Pepsi Zero ads with Ben Stiller and Steve Martin had the star power, but were, well, ordinary and seemed forced… Acting.

Maya Rudolph who is a very funny actress did the M&M’s commercial and the best writing they could come up with was chocolate covered clams? M&M’s had the opportunity to have a very funny spot and missed.


There were some funny spots, Will Farrell for EV vehicles in movies and the EV Jeep with the animals doing the Electric Slide were entertaining.

Hopefully next year brings us a better crop of commercials.