Woodworking As A Hobby…

Published: February 27, 2023

A few months back I decided to pick up a new hobby. I have always loved to build things, to create. From the time that I was eight years old, you would always find me building something with Legos. I would always have a pencil and paper with me at all times so that I would be able to draw roads and buildings. As I got into High School I was introduced to Art Classes where I learned painting with different medias, Calligraphy and more disciplined drawing… I have been addicted since. Wanting to build and draw are the reasons that I became a Web Designer. Rather than using the plastic of Legos, a template of pastels, I now uses a computer screen to create my designs. But, I wanted more than a computer screen, so I started doing some basic woodworking and again, I was hooked.

Years ago I had done some basic DIY, nothing too detailed. I had never been taught how to use tools, other than a hammer. As a matter of fact, the first time that I used power tools was when I bought my first house and had to teach myself how to use them.

In my first house, I had built some basic shelving, learned how to do some custom wainscotting for my daughter’s nursery. I was enjoying it and was starting to get pretty OK at it.

DCF 1.0

My first house was in the city and my wife and I decided that we did not want to raise our daughters in that environment, so we sold the house and moved into a rural community. The house that we bought was beautiful and it was the best decision that my wife and I ever made, but… The house that we bought was a raised ranch with a fully furnished basement. This meant that I no longer had a workshop that I could continue woodworking in.

Many years have now passed and both of my daughters are off at college. I have gotten back into woodworking by creating a small (very small) workshop in my basement. I started out by building some simple projects made from construction-grade 2×4 pine such as a table for in front of my TV and a nightstand for the side of my bed. I have also created many cutting boards out of Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Purple Heart. My largest project to date is a new computer desk for my office made from reclaimed Maple.

Below is a gallery of products that I have created.