Disney LIVE Streamers

Published: April 18, 2023

Live-streaming content from Disney has become very popular on YouTube over the past year. With improvements in technology and WiFi service within the parks, producing live content has become much easier than in the past. With the improvements, there has been an increase in YouTube channels that produce regularly scheduled live broadcasts from within the Disney parks and properties.

Below is a list of those whom I believe produce the highest quality and most entertaining content on a regular basis. These are in my opinion the best Disney LIVE streamers


RON ON THE GO is a YouTube channel that I recently came across. The quality of his videos is very good, with very little buffering. He has a large following with over 12.2k members. RON ON THE GO broadcasts live streams from the Disney World properties on an almost daily basis. Most live streams last a minimum of 5 hours.

Ear to Ear Magic

Ear to Ear Magic is a family-friendly channel that streams not only the Disney World parks, but also the other Orlando area theme parks. Ear to Ear Magic live streams the Orlando Theme Parks Monday through Friday. Although the quality of the stream is not the highest quality of all the Disney Live Streams, their videos are informative and they cover everything in the park that they are streaming from.

That Crazy Disney Lady

That Crazy Disney Lady offers a wide variety of Live Streams from the parks. This channel focuses on restaurants and shopping throughout the Disney World properties. That Crazy Disney Lady also features rides and attractions so that you can feel like you are currently in the parks.


Rope Drop broadcasts live from the parks, focusing on Rope Drop. For those that do not know, Rope Drop is the official opening of the Disney World parks where Cast members literally drop a rope to allow visitors into the parks. Rope Drop also produces all-day streams from opening to close. Their streams provide an adult perspective of Disney and all of the parks.


RTV1 is a long-running scheduled weekly Live Stream of the Disney Parks by siblings Jenna and Josh. RTV1 is one of the longest continuously running Disney streaming channels on YouTube with over 174,000 subscribers. They are well known throughout the parks, often stopping to talk with fans they run into. RTV1 seems to be one of the most genuine and family oriented Disney Live Streamers on YouTube.