Universal Studio

So after having a pretty good first day in the parks, we settled in for a good night’s sleep. Which we did. We woke up on Thursday, ready to hit the parks running. We started out by going to the Endless Summer – Surfside cafeteria, Beach Break Cafe, and ordering breakfast. It was a beautiful

Diagon Alley opened in Universal Studios Orlando on July 8th in 2014 and when it did, it set the bar for immersive theming and interaction for all new and upcoming lands and attractions at theme parks throughout the world. The theming of Diagon Alley actually puts you into the scene from the “Harry Potter” movies.

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For the first time in the fifteen years that my family has been vacationing in Florida, we are not going to Disney World or any of their Central Florida attractions. Due to the price increases and the disappearing perks that have been happening at the House of Mouse, Disney has become too expensive for my