Endless Summer Resort

On our fourth day of out vacation, we planned what we called a “chill day”. We decided that we would not visit any of the theme parks and just take it easy for the day and do some light shopping. We started out the day by sleeping in a little bit (no 6am wake up!!!).

So after having a pretty good first day in the parks, we settled in for a good night’s sleep. Which we did. We woke up on Thursday, ready to hit the parks running. We started out by going to the Endless Summer – Surfside cafeteria, Beach Break Cafe, and ordering breakfast. It was a beautiful

Southwest Plane at PVD gate

Well our 2022 Florida Vacation has come and gone. Months and months of planning and coordinating our home and work schedules is done and now it is time to reflect. Our vacation started on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, sort of. This was our travel day. We had a 6:00PM flight out of Providence, RI on