Planning a Trip to Disney World.
Written by: Mark Plante Published On: June 14, 2021

Hey everyone, we are going to chronicle the steps that we go through for planning our 2021 trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Our original vacation was to have taken place in April, 2020, but the Pandemic wiped that out.

We then rescheduled our vacation for July, 2020 but Covid-19 decided to hang around for longer than expected.

So it looks like July, 2021 is a go. Case numbers have dropped dramaticly throughout the country and everything seems to be opening back up. My entire family has been fully vaccinated, so, let’s plan a vacation to Disney World in Orlando, FL

We will go through all of the steps that we take from planning hotel rooms, airfare, Planning meals, And more.

We are planning on visiting the Orlando area in July, 2021. The first step that we usually do is purchase airfare. This step usually does not take place until the airlines that we take from the region that we live in, Rhode Island, open up purchase date. The two airlines that we mainly use to fly from Providence Rhode Island to Orlando Florida are JetBlue and Southwest airlines. Southwest airlines will be opening purchase dates about six months prior.

We will share with you the steps that we take in the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years that will save you lots of money for a trip to Disney World in Orlando. Our budget for this year is $5000. That will include hotel, car rental, tickets to the parks, And food while we were down there. Do you to Disney World resorts charging for parking, we will most likely not be staying in a Disney world resort hotel.

Although we have always stayed at a Disney resort hotel, in particular Pop Century, The cost of staying for a night with the additional cost of parking our rental car has made it not worth it. In addition, the benefits of staying at one of the Disney world resort have slowly been dwindling away. We would stay at pop century due to the fact number one, you did not have to pay to park at any of the amusement parks. Resort transportation, buses, etc. meet staying late at the parks more convenient if you’re part of our party wanted to stay and others want to go back to the resort.

Extra magic hours were one of the big draws for us staying at a Walt Disney World resort, but late night hours for extra magic hours are no longer offered. So staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel is not a must.

So follow this blog and see the steps that we use to book our 2021 Disney World vacation. If you have any questions comments or tips that you would like to give us please feel free and we will respond to let you know if we use them.

Thanks again, and if you have any tips ahead of time, please send them to